Reflow peć KAYO-RF430

Proizvodjač: KAYO
  • 4 Heating Zones
  • 8pcs of controlling meters
  • Italian high-temperature high-speed motor
  • The intelligent micro-computer precision controller
  • Reliable and smooth transmission system
  • Stable and reliable electrical control system

High efficiency and energy-save Swedish 110V nickel chromium heating pipe is used in heating system (replacement within three year), radiation power peak wavelength 4UM, equipped with surface reflector, high thermal efficiency, rapid heating speed, specially-made strong hot air cycle structure system, making PCB and components heating equally, completely eliminate the shadow effect. Adopt imported high-current solid-state relay non-contact output, safe and reliable, combined with the temperature controller which has unique fuzzy control function, always monitoring the outside temperature and heat value changes, control heating components with minimize pulse , fast response to ensure temperature control accuracy ±1℃, the error of inside temperature distribution ±2℃. Temperature distribution in the length direction conform to IPC standards.

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