Talasna mašina KAYO-450S

Proizvodjač: Kayo
  • Three independent 1.8m preheating area
  • full hot air preheating
  • Patented die-casting type titanium alloy chain claws
  • The whole processing observation window
  • With backrest design to prevent misuse damage to the machine
  • System fault self-diagnosis
  • Redu

Transport system uses clutch limited power + current limiter dual protection. Short circuit and overcurrent protection system. Transport system closed-loop control. Stepless speed regulation, precisely control PCB preheating and welding time. Industrial computer control system dual-wave soldering device, in addition to be compatible consistent machine’s automation performance, it also adopts streamlined body design, simple and convenient computer window system, make the automated production and management records to a higher level.

PRO-TECHNOLOGY electronics

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